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We provide cognitive, educational and psychological testing for children, adolescents and adults. A comprehensive assessment by a trained professional is a crucial first step in understanding and addressing the difficulties an individual is experiencing. At Village Counseling and Assessment Center, the purpose of our evaluations is not simply to assign a diagnostic label to you or your child. Rather, our assessments are seen as means for developing a deeper understanding of why someone is behaving, learning, problem solving and feeling the way they are, so that appropriate treatment and interventions can be structured and implemented.

A comprehensive psychological assessment may be conducted when an individual is considering counseling or medication therapy for themselves or their child. Also, when a child is suspected of having a developmental, emotional, or learning disability, a professional evaluation is an essential first step for developing early interventions, and in identifying educational and mental health services for which an individual may be eligible. Our evaluations are conducted in a one-to-one setting and can generally be completed in three to four sessions, depending on the nature of the concern. The first step in any evaluation is meeting with the individual or parent to develop an understanding of the current concern, as well as a clear goal for having an assessment conducted. Following an appropriate number of testing sessions, the evaluation is concluded with the discussion of the assessment findings and recommendations. All evaluations include a written report. This document will describe the assessment results, make a diagnosis (when appropriate), and provide thoughtful and realistic treatment recommendations and strategies. Our written evaluations can be helpful not only to you, but to other educational and medical professionals who are working with yourself or your child.

In addition to providing assessments of individuals, we are available to provide consultation to parents and organizations who are struggling to understand and meet the unique needs of children and/or individuals with disabilities. Consultation is a process which allows parents, educators, and other professionals the opportunity to meet and discuss specific concerns with a psychologist. The goal of this process is to provide a parent or professional with a better understanding of the problems they are faced with, and to develop strategies for managing these difficulties.

Psychological & Cognitive Assessment Can Help…

  • Behavioral Assessment
    for the Diagnosis of
    Attention Deficit Disorder
    in Children

  • Assessment for the
    Diagnosis of Attention
    Deficit Disorder in Adults

  • Medication Considerations

  • Clarify Diagnostic Issues

  • Determine Eligibility for
    Educational Programs

  • Generate Practical
    Suggestions for
    Improved Coping

  • Clarify Cognitive Profile
    When Risk Factors Are
    (i.e. History of Prematurity
    Low Birth Weight, Genetic
    Disorders, History of Traumatic
    Brain Injury, Known
    Developmental Disorders,
    or Certain Medical Conditions)