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Educational Therapy:

If you or your child is struggling with learning problems, educational therapy can help. Educational therapy offers children and adults with learning disabilities and other learning challenges a wide range of intensive, individualized interventions designed to remediate learning problems.

At Village Counseling and Assessment Center, our goal is to enable each client to obtain firm academic skills foundation so that he/she is able to be successful in school or in the workplace. Our educational therapists understand there is a connection between learning and social/emotional functioning. They work with clients with a wide range of learning disabilities and learning differences, including: dyslexia, ADHD, academic difficulties, language processing problems, low motivation, decreased academic self-esteem, undesirable social, organizational and study skills.

Educational Therapy Can Help…

  • Synthesize Information from
    Other Specialists and Parents

  • Develop and Implement
    Remedial Programs for
    Learning, Behavioral or
    Processing Problems

  • Build Supportive Relationships
    With the Client and Those
    Involved in the Client’s
    Educational Development

  • Facilitate Communication
  • Between the Client, Family,
    School and Involved