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Family therapy is based on the belief that the family is a unique social system with its own structure and patterns of communication. These patterns are determined by many factors, including the parents' cultural/ethnic background, beliefs and values, the personalities of all family members, and the influence of the extended family (grandparents, aunts, and uncles). As a result of these variables, each family develops its own unique personality, which is powerful and affects all of its members.

Family therapy can help patch strained relationships, teach new coping skills and improve how your family works together. Family therapy is a very active type of therapy, and family members are often given assignments. The number of sessions required varies, depending on the severity of the problems and the willingness of the members to participate in therapy.

Family Therapy
Can Help…

  • Step-Family Issues

  • Difficulties Related to a Child
    Who Struggles Behaviorally,
    Emotionally, or Socially

  • Marital Problems

  • Grief, Loss or Trauma

  • Stress Associated with
    Juggling a Career and Family

  • Challenges of a Loved One with a Long-Term (chronic) Mental or Medical Illness