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Can I Use My Insurance?

We do not accept or bill insurance companies for payment of psychotherapy services. VCAC clients may apply for reimbursement from their insurance company. Our providers can assist in this process by preparing a monthly statement of our client’s services. These statements may then be submitted by clients for reimbursement directly from their insurance company, for services received and paid for at Village Counseling and Assessment Center.

When clients access therapy through their Managed Care Plan (MCP), their therapist must disclose personal and confidential information, about their treatment, to the MCP. The MCP uses this information to determine benefits which are then allocated at their own discretion. This process violates client’s rights regarding confidentiality.

In addition, the process of acquiring authorization for therapy sessions is often very difficult and time consuming. This process often requires many hours of paperwork and phone calls by the therapist each week with no guarantee the treatment will be authorized..

Most VCAC clients have found that the direct pay option is best suited for their needs. There are several advantages to paying for services directly, on an "as you go" basis. The direct pay option insures your confidentiality, and allows treatment to be guided by clinical issues rather than restrictions and limitations imposed by MCP’s. Direct pay may be made with cash, check and credit cards.