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Group Therapy:

At Village Counseling, we use group therapy for many different types of psychological problems and concerns. There are two general ways of categorizing group therapy, by the time limits set on the duration of the group, and by the focus of the group.

An ongoing group continues indefinitely, with some group members completing treatment and leaving the group, and others joining along the way as openings are available in the group. Time limited groups have a distinct beginning, middle and end, and usually do not add additional members after the first few sessions. Most time limited groups run for a minimum of eight to ten sessions, and many will run for up to twenty sessions.

Some groups are more general in focus, with goals related to improving overall life satisfaction and effective life functioning. Other groups are "focused" or "topical" therapy groups in which group members tend to have similar challenges and concerns.

Group Therapy Can Help….

  • Anxiety

  • Unwanted Patterns in
    Interpersonal Relationships

  • Stress

  • Parenting Issues

  • Trauma/Loss

  • Social Skills

  • Depression

  • Gender Related Issues