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Therapist provide parenting skills training either within the framework of family therapy, or as part of individual psychotherapy, to help parents manage specific behavioral problems or situations.

Parenting skills training can also focus on general parent-child interactions. Often, the goal is to help parents avoid ineffective parenting responses, by learning effective ways of managing their children's behavior. Parents can also be taught strategies for managing children with special needs such as, ADHD, children adjusting to divorce, and children diagnosed with specific psychological or behavioral challenges.

At VCAC, we offer services designed to meet the specific needs of all pre and post adoptive parents. Whether a family is in the initiating, waiting or receiving stage of adoption, our services are sensitive and responsive to the impact of this process on the parenting experience for all families.

Parenting Skills Training Can Help…..

  • Address Challenging Behavior

  • Differing Approaches to Parenting

  • Differentiate Between Problematic and Age Appropriate Behavior

  • Address Tough Issues
    with Your Child

  • Problematic Discipline
    and Limit Setting