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 "To Change Your Body You Must Know Your Body.
To Know Your Body You Must Know Yourself"

SHIFT- Striving for Healthy Involved Families and Teens  ( this service is not currently being offered)

The benefits of a healthy body, balanced eating, regular activity and positive thinking are well known. Even with volumes of information many of us struggle with creating and maintaining healthy lifestyles for ourselves and our families. Some of these challenges are related to the idea that one must achieve a certain weight in order to be a healthy person. At the SHIFT program, we do not perceive size as a measure of self worth or weight as the sole predictor of health.  We take a family-based, multidisciplinary, health-focused approach with overweight adolescents and their families, while addressing emotional and behavioral habits that impact their physical health and lifestyle. 

In addition to increased physical activity and healthy eating our team focuses on teaching life skills for dealing with stress and developing positive relationships with self and others. We do not claim to offer “the” solution for permanent weight loss but rather skills, tools, support and opportunities for teens and families to improve their health, reduce their risk of chronic disease and achieve a healthier lifestyle.  

 At SHIFT we have a family- based approach to weight management and recognize that teens are more successful when the entire family system supports their efforts. Parents are active participants and collaborators in this process. We value parents’ ability to create a home environment that fosters and supports healthy practices for all family members.
We start with a free 50 minute assessment of each family’s goals, resources and readiness for change. Families are then referred to services consistent with their needs.

SHIFT- 10 week program

 This comprehensive program for teens and parents includes:

  • 10- weekly hour long therapeutic group sessions for adolescents
  • 10- weekly hour long therapeutic group sessions for parents
  • 8- weekly 30-minute movement education sessions for parents and teens
  • 1- 45-minute individualized nutrition consult for teen

*additional ala carte services available

SHIFT- Support

This weekly group offers ongoing support for teens and families who either 1) graduated from the SHIFT-10 week program or 2) are already involved in making lifestyle changes.

The SHIFT-Support group:

  • Reinforces skills introduced in the 10 week program
  • Introduces new skills focused on the maintenance of positive changes
  • Provides support during set backs
  • Creates community with other families.

*additional ala carte services available



Is a 4 week, 2 hour long Saturday morning group for children ages 9-14 and their parents. Each week our professionals lead informative and relative classes on nutrition, health, fitness, and mindfulness based eating practices. Each hour long instructional module is followed by a 50 minute specialized exercise/movement class incorporating aspects of martial arts, Qi Gong, yoga, postural training, core strengthening and breath work.

Katherine Watson, Psy.D

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Dr. Rosemary
Durousseau, Psy.D.

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Teresa Barbieri, MS

Teresa is an Exercise Physiologist who has worked for many years in energy metabolism and weight loss research and is currently a member of the treatment team at the Healthy Hearts weight management clinic at the Pediatric Cardiology Medical Group – East Bay. Working individually with overweight children, teens and their families, she instructs them in the importance and benefits of exercise and play and develops with them a specific exercise program with a set of definable goals that help them monitor their progress. She previously helped develop and worked for 5 years as an Exercise Specialist at the Healthy Eating Active Living obesity clinic at Children’s Hospital Oakland.

Prior to working with overweight and obese children Teresa worked for 15 years as an Assistant Scientist in the Energy Metabolism and Body Composition department of the Western Human Nutrition Research Center in the Presidio of San Francisco. There she also managed the testing laboratory which included numerous measures of energy metabolism, aerobic and anaerobic exercise fitness and strength training as well as body composition and bone density. In this capacity she worked on over 30 research studies and co-authored 24 publications.

Afroz Subedar,MS,RD,CDE

Afroz is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutritional Science from University of California Berkeley and Master of Science degree in Community Nutrition from California State University Long Beach where she published her thesis on Childhood Obesity in Single Parent Homes. She has completed the Certificate of Training in Childhood and Adolescent Weight Management and recently became a Certified Diabetes Educator.

Afroz helped develop the Healthy Eating, Active Living Clinic at Children's Hospital Oakland, one of the first pediatric multi-disciplinary weight management clinics across the nation. In addition to being a part of the Striving for Healthy Involved Families and Teens Program, she also works as a Clinical Dietitian and Diabetes Educator at Children's Hospital Oakland, and as a Nutrition Consultant for the Berkeley-Albany Head Start Program. She specializes in working with children of all ages who are overweight and children with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Afroz is passionate about working with children and their families to help them lead healthier lifestyles.

Sifu Matt Lucas

Matt Lucas
started martial arts training at 5 years old, and is committed to sharing his practice as a "system of health."  He has trained consistently for over 20 years in Judo, Kung fu, Bagua, Tae Kwon Do, Toas Nabard (Persian combative systems), Ashtanga yoga. In addition, Matt has competed with international teams in full contact karate, kick boxing, and judo, as well as, doing martial arts stunts. He has been a trainer of Martial arts, functional strength, yoga, and posture health for over 10 years. 

He has incorporated techniques from various disciplines to develop a system of movement and breathing called YAMA, which celebrates the relationship between yoga and martial arts. YAMA helps to develop and strengthen all dimensions of health and movement. 

Matt believes that the first line of self defense is your health and happiness.  Breathing, posture, and physical activity, along with diet, create a healthy person.  That positive state is carried with you always.